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Moto Tote MTXsport motorcycle carrier with light kit

• The easiest way to haul your
• No trailer

• No license & registration
• No backing up

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Moto Tote Discounts


Moto Tote Discounts, is a seller of the high end quality motorcycle carriers built by Moto Tote, selling at discounted prices, built to last, and will haul your sport bike, dirt bike or scooter without a trailer, easy to load, unload, with quality made to last.

Moto Tote Discounts is a subsidiary of R.G. Summers & Co., a seller of top quality merchandise online through our own websites, and also on eBay. Some of the items we sell are; acrylic display cases made in the U.S.A. for collectors of models, dolls, coins, or any collectible needing protection. First Gear die-cast model cars and trucks, along with several other items.

We are a top rated eBay seller, you can view our seller sites here; http://stores.ebay.com/Classic-Diecast-Models-Collectibles?_rdc=1

Buying through our website allows personal direct contact, and always a better price.

Moto Tote Discounts

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